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Sixth Grade: Our Capstone Year

In their capstone year at NPS, Sixth Grade students bring together knowledge and skills from previous years and push themselves to new levels as the leaders of the school.

Boys and girls standing on stage for Graduation Ceremony
Sixth Graders serve as Chapel Leaders, assembly presenters, admissions ambassadors, and role models to their Second Grade buddies. They may elect to be a Core Cardinal or Student Council member, write for the school newspaper, lead performances as a Chorus or Handbell performer, or participate in NPS sports or the School Musical. No matter the task, NPS Sixth Graders are encouraged to look for ways to include others and model leadership and the Core Values for the rest of the school.  
A major emphasis in this year is the importance of perspective-taking in order to understand themselves, others, and the world in a more nuanced and empathetic way. Group research projects on global issues give students the opportunity to expand their thinking beyond their own experiences and to practice the important work of engaging with their own values, beliefs, and assumptions. Sixth Graders continue to build a strong academic foundation that will carry them successfully into their lives after NPS, but they are also pushed to be independent and flexible thinkers through creative writing projects, book clubs, and problem-based learning.

Students also continue to focus on their understanding of their own social and emotional selves during this time of transition to middle school.

After NPS

Learn more about the schools NPS students attend after they graduate and our personalized outplacement process.
Boy smiling at camera with math work on his desk


  • Pre-algebraic concepts and algebraic equations
  • Proportion, rate, and ratio problems
  • Analyze and summarize real-world data and statistics in conjunction with science and social studies
  • Integration of traditional algorithms
  • Financial Literacy and Career Game
Girl reading book and taking notes with pencil


  • Reading Workshop: deep study of character, dystopian literature, nonfiction book clubs, social issues literature
  • Critical reading skills for both prose and poetry: theme, central idea, tone, point of view, synthesis, literary devices
  • Note-taking skills



Teacher helping student at her desk

Language Arts

  • Writing Workshop: argumentative writing structure and strategies, personal narratives, literary essays, information writing
  • Word study, vocabulary, and grammar assignments
  • Poetry Festival


a boy looking at a map on the wall

Social & Global Studies

  • Global Citizenship
  • World Geography and Cultures
  • World Geography: Asia, South America, Africa
  • Project Based Learning


boy and girl looking at coding program in science lab


  • Weather and Water
  • Robotics
  • Diversity of Life
Boys working on laptop computers in library


  • Four nights a week: up to 60 minutes
  • Independent reading
Boy lighting a candle in school chapel service


  • Second Grade Buddies
  • Chapel Leaders
  • Assembly presenters as school mascot and Core Values
  • Personalized guided outplacement process
  • Admissions Ambassadors
  • Overnight environmental education and adventure program
  • Interscholastic sports teams
  • Student Council and Core Cardinals
  • Handbell Choir, Chorus, and Spring Musical
  • Writing for school newspaper
  • Poetry Festival
  • Graduation songs and performances
  • Field trips to Planet Word
  • Specials: Art, Drama, Library, Music, PE, Religion, Science, Spanish, Technology