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Pre-Kindergarten 3

Our Pre-Kindergarten 3 program is a nurturing and engaging program for our youngest students. It is play-based, student-informed, and interdisciplinary, building on students’ natural curiosity.

As it is their first school experience, teachers thoughtfully introduce routines and rituals of the school day, from student cubbies and red bags to Morning Meeting and Leader of the Day. Students travel to music, drama, PE and library classes, and eventually take their first field trips, beginning with the school campus and proceeding to fun locations like the Katzen Art Museum or even the National Portrait Gallery. 
Boy counting coins


  • Develop intuitive understanding of numbers through exploration, hands-on experiences, and games
  • Explore numbers, including the concept of none and one-to-one correspondence
  • Authentic integration of math concepts in everyday life
students reading book with teacher


  • Actively engage in read-aloud activities
  • Repeat rhymes, poems, and songs to develop phonemic awareness
  • Dictate ideas and use drawings to share stories
  • Listen to, recite, sing, and dramatize a variety of age appropriate literature 
  • Develop expressive language through “Show and Share”
  • Share stories, listen to others, and make connections
two girls showing self portrait

Social & Global Studies

  • Individual, family, and community identity
  • Family sharing and cultural celebrations
  • Farm to table process
  • Community and service
boy showing a leaf


  • Weather and seasonal changes
  • Characteristics of water
  • Animals and adaptations
girl sharing her family book


  • Family Sharing Days 
  • First field trips to Wegmans
  • Collaborative Learning Days with Pre-Kindergarten 4
  • Specials: Drama, Music, Library, PE