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Pre-Kindergarten 4

Students in Pre-Kindergarten 4 center their year around the theme of community. They begin the year with the cherished buddy ceremony in which students meet their Third Grade buddies.

These special relationships will build over the next four years. Students also learn about their school community and interview NPS’s community leaders and helpers. By the end of the year, students are ready to design and build their own Pre-K 4 city! Finally, Pre-K 4 students are eager to attend their first Spanish and art classes. 
Boy counting to 10


  • Recognize and read numbers 0-10
  • Count forwards to and backwards from 20
  • Recognize, create, reproduce, and extend simple patterns
  • Interpret data with simple bar graphs and yes/no tables
  • Identify 2D shapes (circle, square, and triangle)
  • Compare objects by size, weight, height, and length
Two boys playing with letters in reading class


  • Handle books appropriate and respectfully
  • Identify the beginning, middle, and end of stories
  • Explore literature through read-alouds
  • Develop reading readiness skills through manipulation of sounds and association of sounds to letters
  • Use symbols and drawings to represent ideas
  • Dictate stories and captions for pictures in journals

Social & Global Studies

  • Communities
  • Neighborhoods and Construction
  • Community Helpers


  • Weather and Seasons
  • Magnets
  • Polar Animals
  • Insects
  • Birds


  • Third Grade buddies
  • Construction of Pre-K 4 City
  • Raising live butterflies and ants
  • Conducting interviews with community members
  • Collaborative Learning Days with Pre-Kindergarten 3
  • Field trip to Building Museum
  • Specials: Art, Drama, Library, Music, PE, Spanish