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Visual Arts

The National Presbyterian School’s visual arts program develops students’ intuition, reasoning, imagination, and communication skills.

The curriculum is rooted in the fundamental elements of art and principles of design while also exploring art history, media, and techniques from around the world. In both lower and upper division classes, students are introduced to a wide variety of artists and artistic styles and are encouraged to experiment with self-expression in their work. 

Through arts integration and the use of thinking routines from Project Zero’s Making Thinking Visible, students at NPS look at subject matter from new and diverse perspectives, making vital connections across the school curriculum and deepening their understanding of what they are learning in the classroom. 

The visual arts program engages the entire community with student work displayed throughout the school that captures the influence and inspiration of artists across the global diaspora. The visual arts is an integral part of the community and its presence generates conversation, artistic knowledge, cultural and educational interest, as well as beauty. 
NPS students excel at:
  • Displaying confidence in taking creative risks
  • Developing a love of the visual arts and a knowledge of a variety of media
  • Appreciating art history and a diversity of artistic styles
  • Applying the basic elements and principles of artistic design