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Social Emotional Learning

At NPS, we believe it is essential that we focus on the children’s well-being through the lens of the whole child, which is only possible by addressing social, emotional, physical, spiritual and academic needs.

NPS works daily to address all of these needs, viewing them as interconnected rather than competing entities. Teachers participate in professional development in the area of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and utilize Responsive Classroom methods such as daily Morning Meeting to build supportive and connected classroom communities.

While student well-being is the responsibility of the entire NPS community of families, educators, and administrators, the school also relies on its Student Support Team to provide ongoing, consistent care across all grade levels. This team is comprised of the Learning Specialist, two Reading Specialists, one Math Specialist, and two Counselors. Pastoral support is provided by the school’s Chaplain, and physical support is provided by the school’s Nurses.

A kindergarten friendship quilt with yarn showing connections
Our Counselors’ primary role is to monitor and guide the social and emotional development of students across all grades. They lead whole-class instruction and meet with students individually or in small groups. Through these lessons and activities, students learn core social-emotional skills and concepts such as emotional literacy, empathy, effective communication, emotion management, problem solving, and self-esteem. As a framework for counseling instruction, the program uses themes from Second Step, a program created by the Committee for Children, and Connected and Respected, a program developed by Educators for Social Responsibility. Ultimately, student wellness from a holistic perspective is dependent on a sound partnership and shared vision between the school and parents. Counseling services also provide support for families through consultation, connections to parent education events, and referrals for private therapy services and support.
NPS students excel at:
A group of four students huddled while collaborating in drama class
  • Emotional literacy and empathy
  • Making connections with peers and the community
  • Development of caring and effective communication
  • Conflict management and decision-making
  • Social responsibility