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Because we believe that science is best learned by being scientists, instruction at National Presbyterian School teaches processes and concepts through inquiry-based, hands-on/ minds-on activities.

Through their own investigations and analyses, students appreciate the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific and engineering concepts, and develop their own questions and answers in a creative, yet logical way. NPS students develop a strong foundation in scientific literacy in life sciences, earth and space sciences, and physical sciences.

The program, aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, emphasizes fundamental themes, skills and attitudes of science and engineering design.

Students in Kindergarten–Sixth Grade use Full Option Science System (FOSS), an award winning, standards-based, inquiry-based curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley.
Students in Fourth through Sixth Grades spend formal time in the science lab. In Pre-K 3 through Third Grade, science experiments and STEAM projects take place in the homeroom.
NPS students excel at:
  • Actively constructing ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses. Integrating an understanding of both what they know (content) and how they come to know it (process).
  • Appreciating the inter-disciplinary connections between science, other school subjects, and “real-life”.