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The music program at National Presbyterian School fosters a love of music and strives to educate independent, lifelong music makers.

Using an Orff-Schulwerk approach across all grade levels, students in Pre-K 3 - Second Grade utilize literature, creative movement, instruments, and their voice to build their musical skills. They are also encouraged to transfer arts knowledge and experiences to make connections with other subjects. Students in Third – Sixth Grade build upon their musical knowledge and create, compose, arrange, and study more complex musical themes.
These programs help students develop music literacy skills and provide positive experiences in speech, singing, instrument playing, moving, and creating. The music program at NPS also strongly encourages a sense of community through common singing and musical sharing in weekly Chapels, holiday services, and other assemblies and programs throughout the school year.

Throughout their time at NPS, students are exposed to a dynamic and culturally rich repertoire of music including: American and international folk songs, art songs, spirituals, Christmas carols and traditional hymns, as well as representative samples from African and Native American music and American jazz.

NPS students excel at:
  • Working cooperatively through music
  • Reading music in both symbolic and standard notation
  • Critical listening and responding to music
  • Leading and participating through music in their community
  • Performing in public—singing, playing instruments, and dancing