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National Presbyterian School believes that children are naturally curious and want to make sense of the world mathematically.

Our mathematics program builds upon this inquisitive nature by allowing children to explore, investigate, and examine big ideas through rich contexts and powerful models. Classroom teachers build strong math communities which utilize best-practices in mathematics education such as eliciting children’s thinking, developing flexible and efficient problem-solvers, and collaborative learning. 

To maintain a dynamic learning environment that accommodates a variety of learning styles, NPS utilizes activities and best practices from several mathematics curricula including Investigations, Contexts for Learning by Cathy Fosnot, Dreambox, and Desmos.

Teachers, with the support of the school’s full-time math specialist, provide a variety of math experiences through direct instruction, independent practice, cooperative projects, and game-playing. Our youngest mathematicians often get to make choices within multiple offerings to practice their developing strategies and build deeper understandings of the big ideas. Early elementary students often play games or work in centers that allow them to engage in different hands-on experiences with specifically chosen materials that support their numeracy development. Upper elementary students also explore mathematical ideas and strategies through logic puzzles, word problems or computer-based programs.
NPS students excel at:
  • Real-life, authentic problem-solvingĀ 
  • Mathematical communication in both discourse and writing
  • Recognizing multiple ways to solve problems
  • Working collaboratively with classmates