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 The library at National Presbyterian School is at the heart of the school building.

Every child at NPS visits the library weekly. Here they learn to enjoy literature and to use the library as a tool for research and learning.
Our growing collection of over 13,000 books reflects the varying cultures and identities of our student population and shares new perspectives and ideas about the world around us. The library utilizes the Learning for Justice Anti-Bias Framework in its curriculum and collection management. The library also supports a love of literature and the research needs of students, staff and parents. 

An engaging and accessible library space provides an age-appropriate atmosphere for all students. Children learn to use a web-based library catalog to locate books for independent reading and research needs. Through collaboration with the Education Technology Specialist, children learn to evaluate the relative merits of print and online sources to prepare them for a complex and diverse information landscape.

NPS students excel at:
  • Critical thinking about books, literature and websites
  • Reading across all curricular areas
  • Using call numbers to locate books in the library
  • Using an online database to research specific books
  • Researching complex topics
  • Critically evaluating information
  • Digital citizenship
  • Learning to love literature