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Language Arts

Our language arts program is rooted in the belief that oral and written communication skills are essential to helping students develop a sense of themselves and share their diverse experiences and perspectives with others.

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 students begin their journey as natural oral storytellers. Homeroom and drama teachers nurture this talent and build upon it with opportunities to reenact events or dictate ideas. As the children move into Kindergarten and progress through the grades, teachers introduce students to the writing workshop model.  Writing workshop focuses on select units of study including narrative, opinion/argument, and informational writing with the goal of increasing the complexity and sophistication of student work as they move through the grades.

Grammar and vocabulary instruction is woven into writing class and through different subjects, such as reading, social studies, science, and even math. Grammar provides the structure and rules for effective communication, while vocabulary expands students' understanding and expression of ideas. This integration helps students develop strong communication skills, enhance their understanding of subject matter, and become effective communicators across various academic disciplines.

Handwriting instruction formally begins in kindergarten where students are taught print letter formation. These skills are strengthened in first and second grades in conjunction with their study of phonics. In third grade, students are taught cursive and begin keyboarding. 
NPS students excel at:
student looking up from writing and smiling
  • Understanding the connection between reading and writing
  • Thoughtfully planning, composing, revising, and publishing their writing
  • Incorporating sophisticated vocabulary and proper writing mechanics into their writing
  • Confidently and eloquently expressing themselves, both orally and in writing