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Morning Meeting & Assembly

Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting is a community-building time shared between teachers and students at the start of each day when students practice the social skills of cooperation, empathy, listening, and responsibility. Common Morning Meeting activities include a greeting and opportunities for students to share, review class announcements, and participate in a group activity. Morning Meeting is just one component of the Responsive Classroom approach embraced by the school to build community.


Assemblies are held once a month and are an opportunity for the whole school to gather in celebration and to further enrich connections among community members. Students attend assemblies with their buddies dressed in their School Spirit Day attire.

A boy raising his hand in morning meeting

NPS students excel at:

Students watching Assembly
  • Confidently entering and adapting to new social situations
  • Taking social and academic risks
  • Comfortably participating in group activities and public speaking
  • Taking responsibility for their role as a member of our school community
  • Celebrating and appreciating the successes and contributions of all members of the NPS community