Every day at NPS begins the same way—the children approach the front door where they’re greeted by our Head of School who shakes their hands and wishes them “good morning” as they enter.

The Morning Handshake may be the first tradition students encounter at NPS, but it’s one of many. Our youngest students look forward to getting their red bags. Kindergartners anticipate being in the live Nativity at Christmas. First Graders create a Memory Book and celebrate the day when they move to the Upper Division. Third Graders take on the job of ringing the School bell at the beginning and end of the day. The Buddy Program pairs younger students with friends and role models in the higher grades. Even losing teeth is a big deal here, a reason to celebrate growing older and becoming more mature.

Like traditions everywhere, those we celebrate carry special meaning. They mark important rites of passage in our students’ lives, confer new privileges and responsibilities, honor accomplishment, and help us remind each other of the things we value.

“You know who we are by what we celebrate,” one of our teachers likes to say. That means at NPS, there’s a lot to know.