Parent Handbook (2018-2019)

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Handbook Addendum

Dismissal and Outdoor Play During Thunderstorms

The School follows guidelines from the National Weather Service (NWS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) regarding any outdoor activity by students and/or staff when thunder is present.  By definition, a thunderstorm contains lightning. Lightning is a threat to anyone outdoors – the soccer team on the field, kids on the playground, staff loading cars at carpool, etc. Generally speaking, when thunder roars, go indoors.  Students and staff are to go inside immediately when thunder is heard and/or lightning seen.  If during dismissal, carpool is stopped and dismissal from Walkers’ Gate is suspended so that staff members may seek shelter inside.  Parents waiting on the field are invited inside.    

While parents are invited to seek shelter inside the building and encouraged to remain inside until the threat passes, it is the parent’s decision whether s/he wants to come into the building and/or leave with their child during a suspension of dismissal.  Drivers in the carpool line may exit their cars and seek shelter inside, but cars in the line are not permitted to move until carpool is resumed.

The Safety Coordinator and/or other designated administrator determines when it is safe to return to outdoor activities and/or resume dismissal.  If dismissal must be held for more than five minutes, an emergency alert communication goes out to parents letting them know that we have suspended dismissal and will resume once it is safe to do so.