Subscribing to iCal feeds

iCal feeds are similar to RSS feeds – they both allow you to use an external program to keep track of dynamic content. In the case of the iCal file though, the content being tracked is calendar data: event start times, end times and other relevant details.

Calendar pages will display an iCal feed button.

1. Clicking this will pop open a new menu. You can subscribe to any or all of the calendar categories that are available by clicking on the corresponding “ICAL” link.

2. Select which type of iCal feed to subscribe to:

Select the one that most closely matches the calendar management software that you have. (There are slight differences in how various calendar management software programs handle iCal feeds, which is why you need to make this choice.)

  • Use the “Get Standard iCal URL” option if you’re using an iPad, iPhone or other Apple device
  • Use “Get Google iCal URL” if you’re on an Android phone or tablet
  • If you already use a Calendar app on your computer, use “Add to Default Calendar App…”

3. Copy the provided URL into your calendar software.

iCal feeds are generally updated hourly, meaning changes made to the calendar on the website may take up to an hour to reach your own device (there may be an additional delay, depending on how frequently your calendar software checks the iCal feed for updates).

Note that following an iCal feed from a particular calendar will NOT automatically subscribe you to alerts for events on that calendar.


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