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Calendar Tips

Use the blue filter icon below to choose the calendar you wish to view and click Apply in lower right.

Choose the RSS icon to set up a sync between this calendar and your mobile device or desktop calendar application. Click here if you need further instructions.

Choose the orange icon with the bell to sign up for calendar alerts.

*NEW* Choose the grey printer icon for a more printer-friendly view. (Note: this view is generated by your web browser.)

Choose the list icon to view the calendar as a list or to search.

Download the 2019-2020 Calendar-At-A-Glance. (Printed copies are available at the Front Desk.)

Download the Major Dates for 2020-2021. If you are subscribed to the School Calendar, these dates should sync automatically to your device.


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Apr 26
Mon, Apr 27
Tue, Apr 28
Wed, Apr 29
Thu, Apr 30
Fri, May 1
Sat, May 2
Sun, May 3
Mon, May 4
Tue, May 5
Wed, May 6
Thu, May 7
Fri, May 8
Noon Dismissal
Sat, May 9
Sun, May 10
Wed, May 13
Fri, May 15
Noon Dismissal
Sat, May 16
Sun, May 17
Tue, May 19
Wed, May 20
Sat, May 23