Payment Options

Tuition and Selected Annual Fees

NPS offers two options to pay for tuition and selected annual fees:

1. Payment in full prior to June 1, 2019
2. Periodic payment plans through the FACTS Tuition Management Program


FACTS Management offers NPS two types of periodic plans: 1) one with three payments in June, September, and December respectively and 2) a ten-payment, monthly plan that starts in May or June. Payments can be made through direct debit or by credit card. The FACTS fee is $50-$70 per family and an additional convenience fee (2.85% of the payment amount) is charged by FACTS to utilize the credit card option. (Direct debit from a checking account does not incur the credit card convenience fee.)

Please note that the deadline to enroll with FACTS Management is May 1, 2019.

Each student's invoice for the 2019-2020 school year includes the following fees, of which tuition and, for families new to NPS, tuition insurance are mandatory. You may also include the optional fees listed below in your preferred payment option. Details regarding the insurance programs are available from the brochures linked below.

Mandatory Optional
Tuition Parents Association Dues (recommended)
Tuition Insurance Tuition Insurance (strongly recommended for all)
for new families Accident Insurance
  Lunch Program
  Full Year After 3 Club

Setting Up Your Payment Option

Payment in full prior to June 1, 2019

Should you choose to pay in full, please submit your check to the School prior to June 1, 2018. The payment amount should equal the amount invoiced for the 2019-2020 school year, which you will receive in an April letter. Due to the fees imposed on credit card transactions, the School cannot accept credit cards for this payment option. Checks may be mailed to the school in the payment envelope included with your invoice or delivered to Laura Ferrara, Executive Assistant to the Head of School.

Re-enrolling with FACTS for 2019-2020

If your enrollment with FACTS remained active throughout the 2018-2019 school year, you will be re-enrolled automatically for 2019-2020 using the amount invoiced for the 2019-2020 school year, which you will receive in an April letter. You will have the opportunity to make banking and demographic changes to your account by accessing your FACTS account after April 1 and before the new contract with FACTS takes effect on May 1.

New to FACTS for 2019-2020 at NPS

If you are new to FACTS at NPS, please click here to initiate the FACTS enrollment.

During the enrollment process you will specify each students that will be covered by the plan, the type of plan (three-payment or 10-payment), the date on which you would like payments withdrawn, either the 5th or the 20th of a month, and the payment type – direct withdrawal or credit card. You will need your banking or credit card information to complete your enrollment. At the end of process, the system will provide you with a schedule of all your payment dates.

After you set up your account, the School will enter the Total Amount Due amount calculated on your NPS Tuition and Fees Calculation Worksheet for all children in your family. Instructions for viewing the family plan online are sent to the responsible party directly from FACTS.

More details about setting up your FACTS enrollment

To sign up for FACTS, use the following link:

Under New Account, please click on the Create a username & password button. Complete the steps as prompted and note that you have to create the account and set up a payment plan for the 2019-2020 school year:

1. First you will be asked to enter your email. Please be sure to use an email address that you access frequently as payment reminders and other notices are sent monthly. If you already have a FACTS account using that email address, the system will ask you to log into that account and from there you can create an agreement for NPS;

2. If you are completely new to FACTS, after entering your email, you will land on a page where you will click Create a new FACTS account and then fill in your demographic information;

3. Next you will create your username, password, and password reminders;

4. At this point, you can start creating your payment plan by clicking Set up a Payment Plan. The system will guide you step-by-step to complete the process by prompting for additional contact information, student names, payment plan options (3 payments or 10 payments – do not select the 12-month Daycare option as this is for the Childcare Center), your bank account details for payments, and the resulting payment schedule. Please be sure to complete all steps, including the review of all your choices, until you have finalized the agreement. Once you have finalized the agreement, we will be able to submit tuition amounts from the institution side.

We ask that FACTS accounts be finalized as soon as possible and no later than May 1. Please feel free to contact Bear Paul with questions at FACTS online also provides a 24-hour customer support line at (866) 441-4637.

Non-tuition and other Optional Charges

Incidental charges including After School Programs, After 3 Club, Early Birds, the flu clinic, and drop-in fees are billed to families during the school year using the FACTS incidental billings program – regardless of whether a family has chosen FACTS as the means for tuition payment. This service is available to all families at no additional cost and has several benefits: the ability to pay from a bank account or with a credit card, email invoices and balance reminders, etc. Monthly, families will be billed for incidental charges from FACTS directly, so please be on the lookout for emails around the end of each month from “FACTS Management Company.”