Health Forms

New students for the 2022-2023 school year will be available in our Student Health Information System, Magnus Health, in mid-July.  Parents will receive an email with details on how to access Magnus and upload their child's forms.

If you are planning a doctor's visit for your child's annual check up and would like to get these forms out of the way, we encourage you to do so. The required forms are linked below; those that require a doctor's signature are noted below.

Please retain a copy of any completed forms and upload them when prompted to do so in the summer.

All forms are due by July 22, 2022.

Questions? Contact Gina Polidoro, School Nurse.


What forms are required?

All students are required to have an annual physical examination, dental examination, and up-to-date immunizations.

Here is a checklist of the forms that will require a doctor's signature that you can print and take to your appointment:

Required for All Students:

If Applicable:

To be completed by the child's parent AND physician for EACH prescription medication to be administered at school.

If your child will be taking prescription medication during the school day, a Prescription Medication Authorization form signed by a physician must be provided. See Parent Handbook for additional requirements for prescription medication, or contact the school nurse for guidance.

To be completed by the child's parent AND physician.

If you would like over-the-counter medications to be made available to your child during the school day, please provide an Over The Counter Medication form signed by a physician. These medications are school-provided, except any additional medications specified in the “other” column.

To be completed by the child's parent and physician.

To be completed by the child's parent and physician.

To be completed by the child's parent and physician.

Boys and girls age 11 or older or entering 6th grade are required to have the HPV vaccination series. If do not wish for your child to start the HPV vaccination series recommended for this age group, please complete the HPV Opt-Out waiver. Evidence of starting the vaccination series OR a parent-signed waiver is required by the DC Department of Health.


Please also contact the School Nurses Gina Polidoro and Christina Goelzer at or call 202-552-4294 to discuss your child's care while at school.