Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for each upcoming school year are established in January for the following school year. The tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 school year are below.

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Nursery (Mornings Only) $17,725
Nursery (Mornings + 3 Afternoons - Monday, Wednesday and Friday) $24,120
Nursery (Mornings + 5 Afternoons) $28,450
Pre-Kindergarten (Mornings + 3 Afternoons - Monday, Wednesday and Friday) $26,825
Pre-Kindergarten (Mornings + 5 Afternoons) $31,075
Kindergarten - Grade 6 $33,250
Full Year After 3 Club $4,675
Full Year Early Birds $930
Parents Association Dues $100 per child
Full Year School Lunch $1,305
After School Classes Varies by Session/Class
Accident Insurance $12.50
Tuition Insurance 1.0 % of Tuition Obligation (see invoice)

Boys Singing 4th Grade Musical

Celebrating the Arts

Music, drama, and visual art are an essential part of the curriculum at NPS in all grades, and projects and class activities frequently build on themes students are exploring in their other subjects.

An integrated Curriculum at NPS

An Integrated Curriculum

What students learn in one subject connects to what they learn in another, and what they learn one year becomes the foundation for what they learn the next. This removes subjects from their individual silos to give children a richer and more complete view of the world.