At National Presbyterian School,
we focus on the foundational decade of childhood
to launch lives of purpose and compassion




3 students in the science lab studying erosion

Strategic Imperative

Support our faculty and staff and enhance the school’s educational practices to ensure they provide the academic, emotional and spiritual foundation for our students to flourish at NPS and excel in secondary and higher education



Evaluate NPS’s curriculum and instructional methodologies, ensuring they are reflective of the mission and current research and best practices




Assess and enhance age-appropriate technologies and digital education tools





Determine the optimal academic schedule to meet the needs of all learners, subjects, and divisions, and to accommodate teacher planning and collaboration





Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) research and best practices into all aspects of curricular and co-curricular programming





Ensure appropriate staffing in all student support positions, ranging from teaching associates to learning specialists, counselors, and other specialist and resource roles





Explore changes to both the outplacement program and current 2-division model to best meet the needs of our students, parents, and faculty