At National Presbyterian School,
we focus on the foundational decade of childhood
to launch lives of purpose and compassion





Strategic Imperative

Increase awareness, demand, and appreciation for the NPS experience



With NPS’s focus on the decade of childhood, define the school’s unique market position and key messaging



Explore opportunities to increase the use of NPS facilities to widen awareness and expand the NPS brand beyond the current school community



Showcase the talents and expertise of NPS educators to bolster NPS’s standing as a leader in elementary school education



Refine the NPS digital and social media plan to maximize the value of our school’s online presence for current parents and the broader community



Maximize the potential of the current parent community to build awareness and enhance the value of the NPS brand



Review NPS’s marketing and promotion resourcing with regard to staffing, structure and budget to ensure that NPS is positioned to address the ongoing marketing needs of the school