Building on an illustrious 50-year history, National Presbyterian School has a bright future indeed.

Dear Friends,

Welcome! NPS is a school that is student-centered, mission-focused, and intentional about the education of children age 3 through 6th grade. Combine these traits with a dynamic and committed faculty, an active and enthusiastic parent community, and the unrivaled setting of our nation's capital, and I can truly say there are few places like NPS.

If you are not a member of the NPS community, I invite you to come visit us to see the work of our students in their busy classrooms once the school year begins. The curriculum and instruction here are incredibly innovative, integrated, and reflective of our culture of constant improvement. The emphasis at NPS is not only on a rigorous curriculum, but also on character education and teaching the students to become global citizens in an ever-changing world.

And if you are a member of the NPS community, I look forward to seeing you in our hallways, on our sports sidelines, or at our events. Please stop by and say hello! Also, you are invited to keep up with all things NPS and Head of School related at my Twitter account, @NPSHeadofSchool where I highlight the great teaching, learning, exploration, and fun taking place on Nebraska Avenue! And be sure to also follow the official school account @NPS_Cardinals.


Malcolm Lester