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National Presbyterian School's greatest strength is our team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate teachers who not only love what they do, but are on a constant mission to improve, reflect, and elevate the curriculum and classroom experiences for our students. Ongoing professional development, both on and off campus, is the norm for our faculty, many of whom are leaders in their grades and subject areas, regularly speaking at education conferences and workshops.

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Betsy Argintar

MA, New York University
BA, Tufts University

Kate Baschuk

Lower Division Art
BA, C.W. Post College

Courtenay Begert

School Nurse
BSN, Georgetown University
BA, Washington College

Marie Bertozzi

BS, Alfred University

Azulai Booker

NPCCC Assistant Teacher
AA, Montgomery College

Jessica Boritz

Upper Division Art
MS, Johns Hopkins University
MFA, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
BA, Colorado College

Kate Boryeskne

BA, American University

Hannah Bosland

Grade 1
MSEd, University of Pennsylvania
MS, Bank Street College of Education
BA, Hamilton College

Brittany Bright

NPCCC Assistant Toddler Teacher
CDA, Washington, DC

Gabe Brown

Teaching Associate-4th Grade
BA, Oberlin College

Michael Browne

Director of Administration and NPCCC
MAT, University of Virginia
BA, University of Virginia

Tianna Butler

Associate Director of Admissions & Diversity Coordinator
MEd, Concordia University
BA, Davidson College

Nicole Buziak

NPCCC Lead Toddler Teacher
BS, University of Alabama

Erin Centidag

NPCCC Assistant Teacher

Otis Clyne

NPCCC Assistant Teacher
BS, University of Arizona

Brooklyn Conroy

Teaching Associate-3rd Grade
BA, American University
1 2 3 6 > showing 1 - 16 of 88 constituents