Diversity and Inclusion at NPS

Diversity Statement

National Presbyterian School is committed to being a community of inclusion that respects the uniqueness and dignity of each individual in a manner consistent with the School’s Core Values.

We believe that diversity is more than tolerance or accommodation but is rather an informed understanding and acceptance of people, whose sense of identity is shaped by many factors, which, for example, may be influenced by race, color, or national origin, religion or creed, gender, sexual orientation, family composition, economic status, age, learning style or physical ability.

We believe such inclusivity is an ongoing process that enriches our school community and prepares our children for a global, multicultural world.

We are committed to building a diverse community and supporting students, parents, faculty and staff through classroom instruction, professional development, and extra-curricular programming.

Revised by the faculty and staff of National Presbyterian School and endorsed by the NPS Board of Trustees, September 2016

Diversity & Inclusion News

About the Diversity and Community Committee

The DCC: Many Voices, One Community

Welcome from the Diversity and Community Committee!

The DCC is a standing committee of the NPS Board of Trustees. The purpose of the DCC is to work to build a fully inclusive community and sense of connectedness among all members of NPS. Members include NPS parents, trustees, and faculty/staff. The DCC holds meetings throughout the year and works to organize and promote diversity and community events and initiatives; provide a forum for related conversations; and serve as a resource for all.

Our events have included Community Dinners, Parent Forums, and Socials. Past topics have included discussions around inclusion/exclusion, gender bias, religious misunderstandings, race, socio-economic differences, family structures, best practices with our kids.

Joining the DCC is a terrific way to get to know more parents and teachers and to share your voices.

Everyone is welcome to join at any point in the school year. All involvement, big or small, is welcome and valuable.

Contact the DCC

Wray Muoio, Board of Trustees

Ivette Bohlen, Parent

Catherine Durbin, Faculty

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