Board of Trustees

Governance and Oversight

National Presbyterian School is a non-profit corporation that operates as an educational institution under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The school is governed by a Board of Trustees in accordance with the general policies of the Session of the National Presbyterian Church. The Board has twelve appointed voting members, at least six of whom must be members of the Church. In addition, a Session representative and the Head of School serve as ex-officio Board members with the right to vote. Both the Parents Association President and one faculty representative serve as non-voting Board Members.

Appointed Board members are elected to three-year terms and must be approved by the Session. Parents, faculty, and staff may be invited to Board meetings for special presentations, or may be appointed to committees.

The Board meets monthly, except for July and August, and oversees policy, financial and fiduciary matters, and the strategic direction of the School.

Board of Trustees


    Woody Cunningham
    Molly Evans
    Ben Fritz
    Kevin Fromer, Secretary
    Malcolm Lester, Head of School
    Matt McDonald
    Wray Muoio, Vice President
    John Paleologos
    Amy Phillips
    Jeni Reklis, Faculty Representative
    Tisha Schestopol
    Brooke Thomas, Parents Association President
    Michael Toner, President
    Lora Tredway, Treasurer
    April Williams
    Heather Wingate