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kindergarten students in circle time with arms raised
Students walking down NPS aisle at the end of graduation
Boy wearing wings pollinating flowers

The Decade of Childhood

At National Presbyterian School,
we focus on the foundational decade of childhood
to launch lives of purpose and compassion.

Core Values

Guided by our

Core Values

Our Core Values are central to how we prepare students to lead meaningful lives in an imperfect world while preserving their decade of childhood. By exploring Core Values from a young age, we are equipping students to process and respond to life’s challenges.

Our Model

Age 3 Through

Sixth Grade

Through the Grades



An NPS education strives to grow students who are confident, skilled, curious, and compassionate, with a strong sense of identity rooted in the School’s Core Values.

The NPS curriculum offers a rigorous, yet balanced and developmentally appropriate, academic program. We not only teach students strong academic skills but also how to apply them as they explore, question, and think about the ever-evolving world they will inherit. NPS prepares students in these key competencies: critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation.



Our Pre-Kindergarten 3 program is a nurturing and engaging program for our youngest students. It is play-based, student-informed, and interdisciplinary, building on students’ natural curiosity.

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Students in Pre-Kindergarten 4 center their year around the theme of community. They begin the year with the cherished buddy ceremony in which students meet their Third Grade buddies.

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Kindergarten is an engaging academic day full of hands-on learning opportunities and explorations. Students love to bring home the grade level mascot, Wishie, and share their adventures together during class meetings.

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First Graders are the leaders of the Lower Division. They are growing in independence and take their new responsibilities and jobs in the classroom seriously.

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Second Grade students are welcomed upstairs into the Upper Division this year. For the first time, students participate in Upper Division chapel on Thursday mornings as well as specialized classes in technology and religion.

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Students are eager to enter Third Grade as they will become big buddies this year. Students are ready to take on the responsibility of being a caring role model and friend to their Pre-Kindergarten 4 buddy.

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Community-building is emphasized at the beginning of the Fourth Grade year with a field trip to Calleva where students support each other through a variety of high ropes activities. This is the first of several field trips as students explore the DC area to complement their learning of American History.

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Fifth Grade students begin their year building community and leadership skills on a three day, two night outdoor education experience on the Eastern Shore.

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In their capstone year at NPS, Sixth Grade students bring together knowledge and skills from previous years and push themselves to new levels as the leaders of the school.

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Community & Traditions



Traditions are an important part of childhood; they create a sense of belonging, mark the passage of time, and memories are made. At NPS we have many treasured traditions, large and small, celebrating special moments of the day, the school year, and milestones in children's growth.