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Summer Horizons Day Camp

Week 1 (June 19-23) - Read All About It

Whether you’re a future journalist, a bookworm, an author, or someone who likes to be well informed, join us in an exploration of the world of print! We’ll delve into different kinds of written communication and media, learning about the history of the printing press and publishing as we work on our own projects. Learn about how people have connected and communicated from ancient times to present day. Bring your favorite book or comic to share, make your own recycled paper, and help kick off our summer-long “Notes of Kindness” friendship letters event. On Friday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will visit the Postal Museum to investigate the mailing industry.

Week 2 (June 26-30) – Under the Sea

Spend an exciting week under the sea with us as we journey through coral reefs, the deep sea, and other marine ecosystems! We’ll play games and do crafts based on our favorite sea creatures as we talk about several kinds of marine life and learn about biodiversity and invasive species. See how some fish use camouflage and other methods to survive and thrive in their habitats. We’ll explore threats to marine life and habitats and what effects these have had on the ocean environment. On Friday, we’ll get up close with sea life when visitors from Touch the Sea bring an array of creatures and models to share with us!

Week 3 (July 5-7)* – Welcome to the Rainforest

Take a trip to the jungle in this 3-day exploration of the flora and fauna of tropical rainforests! We’ll learn what defines a rainforest, and where they can be found on Earth. We’ll look at the 4 layers of the rainforest and investigate the peoples, creatures, and products present and dependent on these areas. Make a rain stick, plant a terrarium, paint a chameleon and more! On Friday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will look for rainforest dwellers at the National Zoo!

*Camp will be closed on July 3-4. Campers enrolled in swimming will swim Wednesday and Thursday. Fees are pro-rated for this week.

Week 4 (July 10-14) – Mythical Mayhem

Join us for a week of exciting fantastical stories involving magical myths and fun folklore from many different cultures. See how these traditions are represented in art and literature in many different cultures—even today! Learn about creation stories and imagine your own beasts and heroes. Design a dragon, make a medusa mask, or paint your likeness into a constellation. We’ll make fizzing fairy potions, decorate mermaid tails, and brave the Minotaur’s maze as we weave tales and wonder about the purpose and origins of these various legends. Anything is possible! On Friday, kick back for a magic show from professional magician Mike Perello.

Week 5 (July 17-21) – Time Machine

Help us build a time machine to travel across the ages! Warp from ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire; visit the colonies in America and check out ancient China. You’ll explore kingdoms and republics as you hop through time! Each day will be an adventure in a new land and era, where we’ll try to recreate historic scenes and places and reflect the different cultures in our crafts and activities. You could build a pyramid and fill it with artifacts, play colonial games, or try out the art of Chinese calligraphy. On Friday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will visit an iconic historic home—George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Week 6 (July 24-28) – Superhero Science

Do you have secret powers? Of course you do! Spend a radical week with us as we stretch our imaginations with amazing feats of super science! Create lightning with static electricity, or make it rain with a cloud in a jar. Learn about the power of flight, or hop in your superhero plane when we make inertia zoom balls and gliders. Play with circuit gadgets, control light, paint with magnets, and watch out for the heat-sensitive slime! We’ll explore awesome animal superpowers and do a bit of superhero training during sports and games time. Use your powers to turn a lemon into a volcano, or conjure up electric eels from harmless gummy worms. On Friday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to marvel at nature’s wonders!

Week 7 (July 31-August 4) – Roll, Sail, Soar!

There are so many ways that we can get around—explore force and motion as we roll, sail, and soar around camp this week! Learn about buoyancy as you design, float, and sink a boat. Make a balloon racer to utilize wind power. Learn about air resistance when you fly a hoop glider or drop a miniature parachuter. Force a change in an object’s motion with a balloon marshmallow shooter! Build marble race courses, paint with marbles, and do some momentum experiments with homemade marble tracks and penny rollercoasters. On Thursday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will sail away with the friendly pirates of Boomerang Boat Tours for a private sightseeing and treasure hunt trip on the Potomac River. There will be music, dancing, games, and of course treasure!

*Swimmers will not swim on Thursday this week, but will swim on Friday instead.

Week 8 (August 7-11) – Out of this World

Blast off into space with us as we explore the final frontier! If you marvel at the stars, you’ll love learning more about the history of discovery and exploration of celestial structures in outer space. What’s out there? Planets, moons, comets, asteroids, satellites, telescopes—we’ll talk about all kinds of objects and take a look at the spacecraft and technology that allows us to continue learning about our galaxy. We’ll also learn about life on the International Space Station; how do astronauts survive in space, and what do they do up there? On Friday, Larks, Robins and Hawks will visit the Udvar-Hazy Space Center in Chantilly, VA. This massive 2-hangar museum is home to thousands of aviation and space artifacts, including a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a Concorde, and the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Week 9 (August 14-18) – Camp Invention & Specialty Camps

Camp Invention

Half-day Ballet

Half-day Soccer

Week 10 (August 21-25) – Specialty Camps

Half-day Ballet

Half-day Soccer

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