Camp Invention


(August 14 - 18, 2017)

Camp Invention for Grades 1-6 is a week-long enrichment program designed to build Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills through a week of high-energy challenges, building and design opportunities, and concept exploration in four different modules. The program is different every year, so join us as we Launch into another exciting adventure!

Camp Invention Activities

Duct Tape Billionaire™

We’re looking for a risk-taking, duct-taping dynamo to start the next big accessory business! Your child will experience invention with a twist in Duct Tape Billionaire. Children can choose to explore their imaginations and invent from scratch, or they can select a basic design to make their own. They explore patents, hear how to launch a business, and present their products to mock investors.

Children will:

  • Engage creative thinking to design and build their own duct tape creations
  • Explore invention from a real-world point of view
  • Practice the same skills entrepreneurs use to launch a new product
  • Mission Space Makers™

    This mission takes your child out of this world to locate and prepare a new planet for human habitation. Mission Control sends teams challenges to design inventions that transform the atmosphere, terrain, and ecosystem of an exoplanet. They set up a Space Lab to hatch eggs and grow crystal trees. Take on the jobs of tomorrow and explore beyond our galaxy.

    Children will:

  • Experience the power of rocket science by building and launching rubber band rockets
  • Discover that NASA engineers, and National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, have developed telescopes, micro cameras for Mars rovers, and instruments that investigate planets outside of our solar system
  • Work together to grow real plants as well as their interest in science and space

  • Have A Blast™

    Your child will fling, fly and float through high-energy air battles while using physics to boost their advantage. Children engineer a variety of working tools, including “snowball” throwers, a giant air cannon, and more. Everyone builds their own high-tech Bubble Blaster with flashing lights to take home. This summer, Have A Blast that will last a lifetime.

    Children will:

    • Apply engineering skills to create a castle from cardboard and design a pulley system to raise the flag
    • Build an air cannon that demonstrates how air moves in response to force
    • Explore aerodynamics to blast water rockets made from plastic bottles more than 50 feet in the air

    Operation Keep Out™

    A young inventor’s dream come true, children create the ultimate Spy Gadget Alarm Box to keep treasures secure. First, they must decode a note written in invisible ink, take apart worn out electronics, and then wire their own unique Alarm Box. The objective in Operation Keep Out is to become electrical engineering super spy!

    Children will:

  • Take apart nonworking machines and devices to investigate their inner operations
  • Explore how the mechanical and electrical machine parts might be used in a Spy Gadget Alarm Box
  • Sketch a schematic of their Alarm Box circuit designs

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