NPS Welcomes Fulbright Scholar

NPS Welcomes Fulbright Scholar

NPS recently welcomed Fulbright Scholar Angelynna Lim, a primary Mathematics teacher from Singapore who wanted to learn more about the School's math curriculum and use of Project Zero Visible Thinking ideas.

Ms. Lim chairs the mathematics department of her school, overseeing the implementation of the mathematics curriculum for all grade levels. In the past few years, she's also been actively involved in the implementation of formative assessment practices in the school. She is deeply passionate about making students' thinking visible in order to facilitate deeper conceptual understanding.

As part of her Fulbright inquiry project, she is studying U.S. Mathematics teachers' practices to find out how reasoning and communication are being promoted in their classrooms. Ms. Lim was able to observe in Grades 3-6 and left with a great appreciation for the unique NPS math curriculum that is standards based with the goal of developing creative, competent, and flexible problem solvers who are comfortable taking risks.

Pictured above from left: Math Specialist Betsy Williams, Director of Studies Tara Montague, Fulbright Scholar Angelynna Lim

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