• Age 3 to Grade 6

    A singular focus on the all-important decade of childhood.

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    Age 3 to Grade 6

    At NPS, we direct all of our energies on the decade of childhood, for these very important reasons.

    • Because these are the most vital learning years of a child's life
    • Because it creates a safe, supportive school environment where kids are free to be kids
    • Because 6th Grade at NPS plays a key role in preparing students for the challenges of adolescence and for a successful transition to middle school
    • Because it helps students develop self-confidence that stays with them throughout their school years and beyond

    “NPS is a safe haven from the pressure to grow up too fast.”

    Jim Neill / Head of School
  • Love & Learning

    At NPS we believe that love has an important role to play in student success.

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    Love & Learning

    Young children learn best when they know they're loved. They feel better about themselves, are better able to meet academic challenges, and are better prepared for success. There's abundant research that supports this. That's why at NPS, love is as important as reading, math, or any other subject, distributed in generous helpings by caring teachers and other adults.

    “Multiple research programs ...demonstrate that social and emotional learning programs pave the way for better academic learning.”

    Source:Building academic success on social and emotional learning: What does the research say?
  • 21st Century Learning

    The NPS curriculum combines the time-tested with the new to prepare students for today's world.

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    21st Century Learning at NPS

    NPS offers the best of two worlds - we teach traditional academic subject areas using educational innovations that have proven their value. Teachers collaborate to create an integrated curriculum that explores themes through the lenses of different subjects. Technology opens new vistas of information. Learning is project based, as discovery wins out over memorization. Students build a powerful foundation for middle school and develop skills vital for 21st century success.

    “We look at the total young person, nurture their skills and capabilities, and help them discover who they are.”

    Sandy Lewin / 6th Grade Teacher
  • Character Matters

    NPS helps children become good people and good learners.

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    Character Matters

    At the heart of an NPS education are five core values: love, honesty, respect, responsibility, and safety. They're modeled by teachers and staff members, woven into academic subjects, celebrated through our Value of the Month. Our Religious Education curriculum nurtures students' spiritual growth. Service learning puts ethical thinking into practice. Good character is important here, as we help young people take important steps toward becoming caring, responsible adults.

    “It's not only about academics, but what they teach kids as people. They become thoughtful, considerate members of a community.”

    Mother / 1st Grader
  • After NPS

    NPS graduates go on to succeed in a wide range of outstanding schools.

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    After NPS

    Several factors contribute to the success of our students as they move on to other great schools. One is the quality of an NPS education. Another is the fact that we go through 6th grade, a key time of growth and change, and students develop confidence that serves them well in middle school. And yet another is our hugely personal and hands-on placement process. Our outplacement team works with students and parents to identify schools that are a good fit, guide families through the application process, and advocate for children at the schools to which they apply.

    See where our graduates go at nps-dc.org/graduates.

    “My children graduated from NPS happy, confident, and ready for their next challenge.”

    Mother / Two NPS Grads & Current 6th Grader

News & Events

News & Events


27 May Wednesday

Chapel - Lower Division

Location: Jones Hall
Time: 8:35 AM
28 May Thursday

Chapel - Upper Division

Location: Chapel of the Presidents
Time: 8:35 AM
29 May Friday

Field Day (Grades 1 - 6)

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
01 Jun Monday

Enrollment Contract Binding Date for 2015-2016

02 Jun Tuesday

Last All School Assembly & School Spirit Day

Last All School Assembly

Location: Jones Hall
Time: 8:35 AM - 9:15 AM
  • Providing for Today, Building for Tomorrow: The Campaign for NPS offers a unique and immediate opportunity for everyone to invest in the education of our children

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